Sunday, October 5, 2014

Getting Back into Miniatures!

Seems like I have been gone for ages! I have been a little busy with school work and being an adult making some money… Having no time that I feel crafty. So I have been getting inspiration from some videos on youtube!
My room box is going to be an Alice in Wonderland theme along with Wizard of Oz! Two of my favorite movies! Im going to also try and make a little room that has like a wizard/ witch apprentice in it! Just because i really like the creepy look. So its not going to be all cute of wizard of oz and the normal alice in wonderland! Its going to be more demented! Not just because of Halloween. I have been saving up and planning this for a year now! This is the room box I have purchased!
I bought it off of Amazon and it should be here by Tuesday!!! Im thinking maybe if I do room boxes my ADHD won't kick in! Cross your fingers!
I also have some scrapbook paper that I'm going to use for the walls, while the floor is going to be wooden like my Mckinley was! I still really loved that freaking floor. Even if the Mckinley is no longer with me! RIP
This demented cartoon funny I found while looking up Wizard of Oz has inspired me to no end! The top floor is going to be the demented area while the bottom is normal. Kind of like if you have ever watched Hansel and Gretel. My favorite childhood book of all time. Im going to incorporate the fact that the kitchen (yes kitchen because all my room boxes need food…) is going to look normal and cute in a creepy way. There might be a few things that will throw people off when they look closer to the room box :) Im just real excited!
 If I only had a Brain! A heart! and then how do you get the courage? Well. I will show you step by step when the supplies come!It may be a little evil! Poor little pet shop lion!

 There pictures i found on google images have inspired me to make some dollhouse cookies and drinks. Not sure i will get them to look that pretty but I will sure be trying! So something similar will definitely help!
This clock is amazing!
Wish me luck in trying to recreate the look of the clock in miniature! if not I think polymer clay should work as well.

Wish me luck! I will try and keep my process in better shape this time!

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