Thursday, October 9, 2014

For the room boxes!

I got my room box drying at the moment. Didn't think to take pictures because my phone was close to dead…. By tomorrow i will be able to wallpaper and out the floor in! Not sure if I should do stairs or leave a hole in the floor or what…..maybe just paper over the seem?
 I want a big kitchen somewhat and with the spiral stairs that would take up some room that i don't want to give up….

I want to do a beautiful stain glass piece for the window upstairs.. Not sure how to go about that. Maybe plastic from a doll box or electronic box and then use some of my stain glass paint and then glue it in place? Thats the only way i believe that it would look like stained…. That and i still need to remember that my upstairs is creepy along with a little of the downstairs but not to the point were i can't even look at it without being creeped out!

imgres.jpg THis image on google reminds me of the kitchen similar to what i want to do with my first floor on the room box….. I hope the fridge I have fits inside the house… I really like putting little goodies in my dollhouse and its not really a kitchen without a fridge is it?

See you tomorrow <3

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