Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Inspiration to get up...

I need to get up and scrap the 2 1/5 of the walls left... Im just not wanting to...

I always go no i need to do this and that but, im the one that my parents are wating on, since it would be easier to spackle/ fix the gouges i put in the walls from scraping! Well i really cant wait to show more of the finished product, all i have righ now is some white flat wall some pokey walls and one ugly floor... Sorry to those who like it :/ i didnt mean to hurt your feel goods...

East and west walls will be like a turquios color,
The ceiling will be a baby blue similiar to this color!
The north and south wall, ( closet and window) small room darker color, so small walls with a dark color cant hurt the feel of the room that much!
And the wood tile block puzzle floor, sorry trying to describe what they are! Similair to this color and look will go onto the floor!

No closet doors but instead curtains will go up to cover it up.

Ive also organized my earring studs that wouldnt fit,( they kept falling off) my new jeweley organizer my sister got me for christmas! Picture of the one i was gifted!
It hangs on the wall or behind your door, very convenent!
The organizer is from lady elegance, wonderful for hanging earrings such as hoops and feathers, knecklaces, bracelets, and rings.
Picture of the framed one i made with a frame, hard yarn block square things from walmart and some white felt from walmart. This was free since i had all the items already in stock! It would have been around $8? Possibly $10 depends on the picture frame and how much yarn block you need and felt!
Well more up dates on the room soon, sorry ive been busy with the room construction, ocd doesnt do well with a messed up living area! Its more important right know... :/

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Took a trip!

No minis were boughten.

I have been blogging sorry.. Im not good with the whole holiday/school/ business consept of being s blogger. But, yet im trying!

Any way i have some things to say!
Im redoing my bedroom, i have this texture on my walls that feels like mountains very jagged mountains that really hurts when you scrap you arm on it... Any way i have to water it down to make it soft and then you this scrapping tool to get it off, it only almost a 12x12 room. So at least its smaller then most rooms people have!

After i finish this im going to have my did fix the gouges un the walls ans smooth it out flat in some spots. Them my mom loves to paint," its the cheapest way to change the mood of a room." Two walls chocolate brown and then two walls turquiose and the ceiling a light blue! Also we are going to change the out of date flooring, its a very old looking laminant tile floor, blue and gold.... No so going for a hippie theme.... Any way im also going to get a new closet.. Ok not new but a new set up, like what closet made makes, but my dad probably has to make one since my closet is small and i cant reach every thing, "sort people problems!!"

Im sorry it looks messy, its under construction! :( i hate that, but pictures when its more in progeress with the wall shaved and flattened nicely, then painted and oh i cant wait, it would be easier if i was working on a miniature since well it doesnt take as much work, but it takes way more planning, haha:)

Yep, wizard of oz billplay! Loved the musical! And movie top four movies, alice and wonderland, gremlins, wizard of oz and zombieland! I have zombieland and gremlins in my movie library on the movie stand but, the others im not sure, i want to get them but, my walmart is not so wonderful, it has almost all movies when there on the shelf is the thing, there is nothing on the shelf due to oil pigs... Not a good town to be in, i wanna movie, well i have half of junior year and then senior year left and off the college i can go:) so i should just chill....
The color theme is going to totally change from green and red and ever other color i just decided i wanted in there. Like my cleaning products? Yeah there is my ocd for the blog! I dont share my cleaning items because, well i want them were i can find them, when people use them they will be gone forever in this house!a
I wish you could look at this dresser better, the white looking one, i want to paint it, but my mom said that the paint might just come right back off... I really want to paint the damn thing is gold and well chrome, silver and gold. Do not match in a room.... Just saying, oh thats my college interior designer coming out, thats what i want to be when i go to college!
You have no clue how many pieces the mirror came out of the room in... The people who had this house before us. Well they thought it was a wonderful idea to i dont know, liquid nails the mirror onto the wall. So it took a lot of brakeing and prying to get it off.

By the way we went shopping for a new bedding in bed bath and beyond! Wow never been in one, but i know im going back when i get my apartment! My top and bottom bunk will match! Well the comforter isnt the same as the one in the picture tho, sorry for false advertisement, i got that on at walmart.

We also did a lot more shopping and eating, i love famous daves and ihop! Never get the chocolate chip pancakes tho, they were like only chocolate pancakes no flour or anything but chocolate, im not a big fan of chocolate soo when i say the plate i could only eat half of a pancake till i was like i done.

Well i better go now since we just got back from the trip and i havent slept in over 16 hours!
Those were ideas for this painting, i need help picking, or should i do a magazine collage!?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Homework this week, and minis?

Well yes I havent had time for my craft room at all this week. From having english reading assignments, science, psychology and geometry i just started to run out of time for drinking water because my anxiety of not going to get my homework done... But hey, this weekend my momma and I are going to take a road trip to a smaller town then were i live and go shopping at a new craftstore! Only a few miles away, it sells mini kits with furniture and other things! Oh, christmas to me oh christmas to me, how lovely is that?* in oh christmas tree tune*

I only need to get todays homework done and the rest of my AR book read and im good for tomarrow. Well i will go do that and then i might just post some pictures hopefully! Wish me luck for the psychology essay for my dissociative amnesia project i did! Yes, i have at least a B but, i would like to get my grades to at least a letter grade up and my english grade at least a B the book the "to kill a mocking bird" was super good but, im a little scared of tests.. Ok i get really nervous! This is why i have a D! The only horrible grade.:( i felt bad for my mid term grade especially since i stopped blogging and mini-ing because i was working on my grades really hard, yet that grade will not budge... He must hate me or something :(.... Yet, i never miss an assignment to hand in EVER!

Well good bye for know, just telling you that im over my depression state! It lasted a whooping 2weeks! No i dont have any medical or mental problems about that i think? But i do hsve OCD and anxiety.. Its ok though my OCD isnt that bad, just very clean...and organized. If you need a cleaner for a craft room i can help.... Hahaha well see yah later said the gator, well im off to see some books!
I love this little guy! This is my 3 year old nephew who turns four on May, was a mothers day baby in 2010! Im going to be an auntie again this month or in January, it always depends!