Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fairfield update day 1

Ok its really day two but, I thought about starting a day to day since I found some mojo :) I took all the pieces of wood out of the box yesterday glued the foundation together. Right now I'm waiting for the floor to dry since I stained the first, second and attic floors a English chest nut color.

After that I started working on the fireplace, someone I read on a blog. Forgot her name sorry! She said to finish the fireplace and decorating the stairs with rails after the main structure is put together. Not all the way though. So I'm working on getting a white lime stone colored finish with silver, black, white and some water.... hope this works out!

Also Uploaded a video of how the construction of the Fairfield is going so far. If you want to check that out my username for YouTube is Darahsmile! so my two day video will be up there.

The McKinley video will be up hopefully today.... If it is well that's lucky for you if you saw it that means I found more of my mojo or ooof for the day :) so talk to you soon bye! Ok I didn't publish it when I said BYE so I filmed the McKinley.. It isn't the best of the best but, it works for not or until I have people asking for a more detailed video then I will go into detail. Is hearing your voice on film weird? I hate my voice I guess ha-ha! well I'm stuck with it! Well im editing the video so by the time Im done maybe no one will have seen my blog till its uploaded if not sorry about that, Im working hard on it as we speak!