Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Inspiration to get up...

I need to get up and scrap the 2 1/5 of the walls left... Im just not wanting to...

I always go no i need to do this and that but, im the one that my parents are wating on, since it would be easier to spackle/ fix the gouges i put in the walls from scraping! Well i really cant wait to show more of the finished product, all i have righ now is some white flat wall some pokey walls and one ugly floor... Sorry to those who like it :/ i didnt mean to hurt your feel goods...

East and west walls will be like a turquios color,
The ceiling will be a baby blue similiar to this color!
The north and south wall, ( closet and window) small room darker color, so small walls with a dark color cant hurt the feel of the room that much!
And the wood tile block puzzle floor, sorry trying to describe what they are! Similair to this color and look will go onto the floor!

No closet doors but instead curtains will go up to cover it up.

Ive also organized my earring studs that wouldnt fit,( they kept falling off) my new jeweley organizer my sister got me for christmas! Picture of the one i was gifted!
It hangs on the wall or behind your door, very convenent!
The organizer is from lady elegance, wonderful for hanging earrings such as hoops and feathers, knecklaces, bracelets, and rings.
Picture of the framed one i made with a frame, hard yarn block square things from walmart and some white felt from walmart. This was free since i had all the items already in stock! It would have been around $8? Possibly $10 depends on the picture frame and how much yarn block you need and felt!
Well more up dates on the room soon, sorry ive been busy with the room construction, ocd doesnt do well with a messed up living area! Its more important right know... :/

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