Thursday, December 6, 2012

Homework this week, and minis?

Well yes I havent had time for my craft room at all this week. From having english reading assignments, science, psychology and geometry i just started to run out of time for drinking water because my anxiety of not going to get my homework done... But hey, this weekend my momma and I are going to take a road trip to a smaller town then were i live and go shopping at a new craftstore! Only a few miles away, it sells mini kits with furniture and other things! Oh, christmas to me oh christmas to me, how lovely is that?* in oh christmas tree tune*

I only need to get todays homework done and the rest of my AR book read and im good for tomarrow. Well i will go do that and then i might just post some pictures hopefully! Wish me luck for the psychology essay for my dissociative amnesia project i did! Yes, i have at least a B but, i would like to get my grades to at least a letter grade up and my english grade at least a B the book the "to kill a mocking bird" was super good but, im a little scared of tests.. Ok i get really nervous! This is why i have a D! The only horrible grade.:( i felt bad for my mid term grade especially since i stopped blogging and mini-ing because i was working on my grades really hard, yet that grade will not budge... He must hate me or something :(.... Yet, i never miss an assignment to hand in EVER!

Well good bye for know, just telling you that im over my depression state! It lasted a whooping 2weeks! No i dont have any medical or mental problems about that i think? But i do hsve OCD and anxiety.. Its ok though my OCD isnt that bad, just very clean...and organized. If you need a cleaner for a craft room i can help.... Hahaha well see yah later said the gator, well im off to see some books!
I love this little guy! This is my 3 year old nephew who turns four on May, was a mothers day baby in 2010! Im going to be an auntie again this month or in January, it always depends!

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